December 27th, 2011 Alain Is Done With His Stuff
Eight days later (including a X-Mas-break), Alain has finished his drum parts. He made an adequate job regarding the technical circumstances. Next in line will be Fels with his rhythm guitar and lead parts.


December 19th, 2011 Starting Drum Recordings
Seven songs are planned to record within this session. Alain will start with the drums today. We're recording in our band room in Metzerlen with a digital multitrack recorder. The technical possibilities are accordingly limited: Alain's drums only will be recorded on 4 tracks.


December 16th, 2011 Clicks & Pilots Finished
All click tracks and pilot guitars have been recorded successfully by Fels. Now, the "big parts" can start...


November 26th, 2011 Recording Session Started
This day the first recording session of Delusion Of Mankind has started. First the programming of the click tracks was initiated. After that, the pilot guitars will be recorded.