May 24th, 2020 Some Words From The Quarantine
As you surely can imagine, we are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic too. We had to reduce our musical activities and now we practice alone at home and (try) to compose new stuff. But this doesn't really make fun and therefore no news are available regarding it.   :-/

After the lockdown is going now slowly to be abrogated, we hope we soon can go back to rehearsals and hanging around together. And who knows, perhaps there will be the one or other possibility to finally go on stage in a mid-term future.

Until then, we temporarily started a new band project with ours alter egos:
"Desinfection Of Mankind". Check out our new band picture in the Media-Section.
Many thanks to Nuno for the great design.   ;-)

So long, thanks for your support and stay healthy!   \m/


December 1st, 2019 Time Flies By. Almost Another Year Passed!
Hi there. Yes, we are still alive, we diligently rehearsal and are working on new songs!   ;-)

Of course you noticed it: Unfortunately we couldn't board the stage this year due to different reasons. Instead of that we focussed to write new songs for another forthcoming album. But we are confident to play the one or the other gig in 2020. In addition to that there's a new recording session in discussion for next year. There are a lot of new great songs we would like to share with you.

As a big thank you for our supporters (and so that you won't forget us *g*) there are three full songs of "Stay In Silence" available in the Media-Section for listening/downloading now. So, enjoy it and stay tuned. More information will follow...


December 31st, 2018 Old Stuff For Year's End
As known 2018 gave some nice changes to D-O-M: The moving to a new rehearsal room (no longer at the world's end), the release of our album "Stay In Silence" and last but not least the end of our search for a drummer! For 2019 we seriously plan to board the stage finally again and play the one or the other gig!

To close the year we released yet a remastered version of our song "Psychedelic Dust" taken from the 2012 album "Face Your Delusions" in a small info video. You can find it in the Media Section or on our YouTube Channel.

Thanks for your support all over the years and have all a good start to 2019!   \m/


October 25th, 2018 New Lyric Video Online
Our new lyric video for the song "Notions Of Dreams" is online now.
Also this one you can find in the Media Section or on YouTube.


October 17th, 2018 Nuno's Profile Now Online
Since today, Nuno's profile is online.
So, with pleasure we introduce our new band member here.


October 14th, 2018 Drummer Found!
We are so happy to announce that we finally found a new drummer!
As known, we were looking for a new bandmate hitting the tubs & pies since July 2015. Unfortunately it took more than 3 long years to be complete again. But now these lean years are over because Nuno joined us. He has many years of experience playing drums in different bands and we are so proud to welcome him as our new man for beats & beers. His profile will be available here soon. So, stay tuned!   \m/


September 9th, 2018 "Stay In Silence" Officially Released
Since today, our new album now is officially available!
If you are interested to get one of the (strongly limited *g*) copies for CHF/EUR 10.-, please send a mail to "shopdelusionofmankindcom" for more information.


August 15th, 2018 First Lyric Video Online
We are proud to present you the first video of D-O-M! It's for the song "Stay In Silence" naturally taken from the same titled album.   ;-)
You can find it in the Media Section or on YouTube.


August 12th, 2018 CD At Manufacturing Company
The time has come: Our new CD is now at the manufacturing company! If everything goes well, "Stay In Silence" will be available as planned from mid of September on.


July 31st, 2018 Mixdown Complete & First Sound Excerpts Available
We are happy to inform you, that we have finished the mixdown of "Stay In Silence". Already now there are some sound excerpts available here. Soon more sounds and a little surprise will follow. So, have fun listening and stay tuned!


July, 25th 2018 Artwork for the CD completed
Now the whole Artwork for "Stay In Silence" is completed. We want to express herewith our sincere thanks to Nuno of Dark Design for his great ideas and his awesome implementation! You can see the pictures on our Promotional Pix Site.
Some additional promo pix are coming soon...


July 19th, 2018 Presentation Cover Artwork And CD Release Announcement
We couldn't wait anymore to present you the cover artwork of "Stay In Silence".
And finally here is it!

Furthermore we are happy to inform you that the mixdown is nearly finished. If everything goes on as planned, we expect to release our new album this September.


June 24th, 2018 Recordings For "Stay In Silence" Completed
Last weekend we could finish the recordings of the remaining parts for our new album. Now, this session is closed too and the next step will be to achieve a good mixdown of our songs. Stay tuned, more information will follow!   \m/


May 30th, 2018 Tracklist And Album Title Announcement
We are proud to present you the tracklist of our forthcoming full length album
"Stay In Silence" as follows:
Notions Of Dreams - Stay In Silence - Frozen In Time - Faces In The Crowd -
Crying Angels - Save Me - The Way I'm Dreaming - They Live! - Let It Go


May 18th, 2018 All Bass & Main Vocals Parts Finished
Since a few days, all remaining tracks for bass and main vocals have been finished recording. Now just some harmonic lines and overdubs are not completed yet on a few songs. We are confident to close this recording session at least until end of June.


April 26th 2018 All Guitars Recorded
Yesterday the last remaining guitar and FX parts have been recorded by Fels and thus all six-string sounds are on disk now. Slowly but surely the whole is taking shape.


April 10th, 2018 We're Still Alive!
Now that "a little" time has passed since the last post, we're very pleased to announce that we're still alive!   \m/

In the past 12 months not many things happened at D-O-M because all members had other tasks in their (personal & working) environments. That's why there were no new information about us. But now we would like to share again some news with you to keep you up to date about the ongoings of D-O-M:

As already mentioned, we started a new recording session. Due to the fact that we've still got no Drummer/Drummerette, the drum parts have been programmed with a software tool. Many other bands are doing the same, although they got a Drummer of flesh & blood - but they flatly denied. We certainly admit it right from the start!   ;-)

So, the drum tracks are recorded (or how ever you can name that). In addition to that, the rhythm guitars, most of the lead parts and many vocals are already finished too. Unfortunately some parts are still missing until we can call the recordings as "completed". But we are confident to capture these sounds on disk soon too.

Once we face our creative outpourings in an adequate and hearable version, we certainly will share some teasers on our website.

Together with the recordings we're also working on brand new songs. Some of them are in a different tuning (e.g. Dropped-C). We always try to implement other stiles and elements in our songs. That's the reason why these new ones will propably sound a little bit different than the existing. But we're sure they will recognisable as D-O-M songs too.


March 6th, 2017 Hello - Mingalaba - Sawadee Kap!
After a long time period without any information of D-O-M, we're pleased to share some news with you again!

First we would like to say hello to our new fans and friends from Myanmar and Thailand, which we met on our short promotional tour through South East Asia a few weeks ago. If you (and of course all other of our supporters around the world too) have some questions, suggestions or anything else, feel free to contact us!   ;-)

In addition to that, we are glad to announce the start of a new recording session! A short while ago, we decided to record a few new (and also some very old but timeless) songs for a new album. More information will follow soon...