2010s Timeline
2018, October:
Nuno Sarnadas becomes the new drummer of D-O-M.
2018, September:
D-O-M releases the album "Stay In Silence".
2017, March:
Recordings of new (and some very old) songs for the planned album start.
2016, October:
D-O-M starts the preparations for recordings for a new album.
2015, July:
Fabian Meier joins D-O-M.
2015, July:
Alain Vetter leaves D-O-M.
2014, March:
Andreas Beutler leaves D-O-M.
2012, December:
D-O-M releases the CD "Face Your Delusions".
2012, June:
D-O-M tours Ticino, Switzerland on the Mini-Tour "No Sleep 'Til Morcote".
2011, December:
D-O-M starts the recordings for a Demo and for training purposes.
2011, June:
Delusion Of Mankind (aka D-O-M) is determined as the new band name.
2011, May:
Francisco Enguita joins the band.
2010, December:
Band (currently without a name) is reformed without Marcel Sumsander.
2010, November:
Payload is disbanded.
2010, May:
Katja Lützel and Sascha Fels join Payload.
2000s Timeline
2009, Sometime:
Black Rock Sun is renamed to Payload.
2009, Sometime:
Marcel Sumsander joins Black Rock Sun.
2009, Sometime:
Martin Schindel and Frank Schindel leave Black Rock Sun.
2008, Sometime:
Alain Vetter joins Black Rock Sun.
2004, Sometime:
Andreas Beutler, Martin Schindel and Frank Schindel form Black Rock Sun.
2003, December:
The album "Forsaken" is released as an obituary for Skjorta.
2003, Summer:
Skjorta is disbanded due to musical differences.
2002, August:
Patricia Würfel is replaced by Katja Lützel at Skjorta.
2001, September:
Sascha Fels joins Skjorta consisting of Patricia Würfel, Florian von Helden,
Benjamin Müller and Norman Lonhard.
1990s Timeline
1998, September:
Cryonix is disbanded again due to other obligations of all band members.
1997, August:
Cryonix releases the EP "Violence" on a release gig at Z-7
supporting Overkill and Megora.
1997, March:
Cryonix plays as a one of a selected few of Bands on the initial
issue of "BScene".
1996, December:
Alain Vetter is replaced by Sven Vormann at Cryonix.
1995, December:
Cryonix is reformed by Sascha Fels, Alain Vetter, Lukas Giger
and Robert Karmann.
1995, Winter:
Alain Vetter leaves Sudden Darkness.
1994, Autumn:
Sudden Darkness releases the CD "Lights Out".
1994, March:
Cryonix is disbanded due to "insurmountable differences".
1994, Spring:
Alain Vetter joins Sudden Darkness consisting of Martin Schindel,
Frank Schindel and Kay Schneider.
1993, March:
Francisco Enguita leaves Cryonix.
1992, May:
Sascha Fels, Francisco Enguita and Alex Lang form Cryonix.